Like any sophisticated and complex food, there is an art to tasting chocolate. Done right you can enjoy the full spectrum of the chocolate experience. So, here is how you do it:

  1. Bring the chocolate as close as possible to room temperature. Chocolate does not release its flavor when it is too cold, and the texture is wrong when it is too warm.
  2. Hold the piece in your hand and look at it. If there are white deposits on the surface it means the chocolate was stored in the wrong temperature, and it needs to be melted and re-tempered. Do not worry chocolate does not go bad.
  3. Break the piece in two. It should make s snapping sound.
  4. Smell the chocolate.
  5. Put one piece in your mouth and let it melt. Do not start chewing on it!
  6. Let the chocolate flood all parts of your mouth. Notice the flavor in the different areas of your mouth. Chocolate has a very complex combination of flavors. To fully perceive it, the chocolate need to touch every area in your mouth. With Healthy Chocolate there is an additional benefit to this step. You are also taking advantage of the xylitol dental benefit by letting the xylitol in Healthy Chocolate reach every are where tooth decay bacteria maybe hiding, doing its job there.
  7. You can now chew on it.
  8. Pay attention to the aftertaste that develops after you finish swallowing. The major difference between high quality and low quality cocoa is the after taste.

Using the above procedure will let you get the full enjoyment of the chocolate.

Have a healthy chocolate day!