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Can chocolate that tastes amazing also be really good for you? YES, it can!! We always use the highest quality ingredients and boost many of the chocolates with scientifically proven supplements like CoQ10 for your heart and probiotics for your gut, so you can enjoy a wonderful piece of chocolate AND give your body a health boost at the same time!

Organic cocoa

We only use organic and Fair trade certified cocoa in our chocolate. It’s better for you, the farmers & their communities.

sugar free

100% sweetened with tooth friendly birch xylitol, creating a low GI chocolate you can enjoy daily.


Apart from making amazingly delicious chocolate, we also load them up with extra nutrients!

About Healthy Chocolate Florida, LLC

Healthy Chocolate Florida, LLC is a privately held company created to bring indulgence to the world of Nutritional Supplements.

We are a food technology company with intellectual property surrounding proprietary chocolate manufacturing processes and delivery systems as well as in-house product development for both indulgent chocolates and chocolate supplements in a portion-controlled format.

It is in our DNA to complement the lives of individuals and their families that chose smart, clean labels, conscious eating, and wellness lifestyles, while taking care of the foundation of life; HEALTH.

For us, it is not just about making indulgent supplements, it is about Increasing our value proposition by expanding our family of wellness brands as we continue to develop next-generation consumer products. We value the trust placed in our products as we continue to provide unmatched value and service to our customers.

Going from research and development to a portion-controlled, multi-package format, full manufacturing scale, we are the only chocolate and chocolate supplements company in the US that manufactures its own, proprietary sugar-free, Fair Trade Certified™ Cacao Ingredients, Non-GMO Project Verified chocolate couverture in a completely Allergen-free, FDA registered, and cGMP compliant facility.

More than chocolates and chocolate-based supplements, we provide a way of life…

The Chococeutical Way of Life®



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