Contract Manufacturing and R&D Capabilities

Effective business relationships must always be based on trust, transparency, and collaboration. We become an extension, a partner of our customer’s research and development as well as business development teams from day one. From discussing and giving input on a potential formulation, lab prototypes and all the way to securing temperature control freight when a custom product has been manufactured and is ready to ship.

We not only focus our energy and resources on established, branded, patented supplement ingredients but also on new generation ingredient concepts for which new trade secret methodologies are key to a successful application in our chocolate matrix and as consumers seek to expand their knowledge of the food they eat, the ingredients in them as well as more effective, multi-benefit delivery platforms.

We seek to explore good synergies in strategic business partnerships, licensing agreement, and Joint Venture partnerships.

Healthy Chocolate® Offers an ideal delivery system for your customers


  1. Your customers don’t forget to take their chocolate!
  2. Our chocolate delivery system can increase absorption and bioavailability.
  3. The polyphenol content in chocolate can help prevent oxidation.
  4. Our chocolates are manufactured in a clean allergen-free environment.
  5. Our chocolates are sugar-free, manufactured with xylitol instead of sugar, making it safe for diabetics and the health conscious.
  6. Give your customers suffering from pill fatigue an enjoyable alternative!


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